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Icelandic hunting vessels in port

Permit delays could stop whale hunts in Iceland this summer

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Blue whale tail Christopher Swann

Māori king declares rights for whales in New Zealand

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‘Extinct’ gray whale spotted in Atlantic

Scientists have confirmed that a whale spotted off New England is a species thought to...

Experts identify ocean areas requiring urgent conservation measures

Scientists and marine experts from around the world have set out new Important Marine Mammal...

Scientists hold groundbreaking ‘chat’ with a whale

Humpback whale

What is believed to be the first ‘conversation’ between humans and humpback whales has taken place.

Researchers held the ‘chat’ with the whale in a groundbreaking encounter that represents an amazing breakthrough in the field of non-human intelligence.

The team from the SETI Institute (Whale Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) used a recorded humpback ‘contact’ call that was played into the ocean via an underwater speaker. 38-year-old humpback whale, Twain, responded and joined in the ‘conversation’ in response to the team’s greeting.

He approached and circled their boat during the 20-minute exchange during which he frequently matched the interval variations between each of the research team’s calls.

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