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The team

WDC has around 80 staff worldwide working in 5 locations.

They are led by a team of directors overseen by volunteer trustees who are responsible for ensuring we meet our charitable obligations.

Executive Directors

North Atlantic right whale

International and UK CEO: Chris Butler-Stroud
Director of Strategic Development: Chris Vick
Director of Finance: Cally Moore
Director of Fundraising and Marketing: Helen Mitchell
Director of Campaigns and Policy: Carla Boreham
Director of Human Resources: Sian Davies-Hamilton
Executive Director North America: Regina Asmutis-Silvia
Executive Director Germany: Franziska Walter
Executive Director Australia: Declan Andrews

Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin

WDC staff have a wide range of skills, working in closely-knit teams across the organisation from policy to communications, fundraising to supporter relations and finance. In addition to this, we are supported by a wonderful group of volunteers kindly offering their time to help our cause.