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Decisions taken at IWC 2016

The following is a record of the major votes that took place at the IWC in Slovenia 2016, covering all Schedule Amendments, Resolutions and Decisions
Japanese whalers
Japanese whalers

We shall be reporting on how your various countries have been fighting for whales or against their conservation. If you don't like what your country is doing please hold them to account by contacting your elected representatives and asking them why they are not protecting whales?

The South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary

  • IWC/66/08 The South Atlantic: A Sanctuary For Whales Presented by the Governments of Argentina, Brazil, Gabon, South Africa and Uruguay. This proposal is a Schedule Amendment and therefore, requires a ¾ majority in order to pass
  • Result: Failed - 38 votes for, 24 votes against with 2 Abstentions (Kenya abandoned its conservation stance and votes with Japan)


Resolution on 'Scientific' Whaling Article VIII Permits 


Resolution on the Critically Endangered Vaquita

  • IWC/66/20 Emergency Resolution on the Critically Endangered Vaquita Submitted by Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA
  • Result Passed by Consensus -but Japan and her allies shamefully refused to join in. Antigua and Barbuda even saying that it was because he had not got his way on another resolution.

Resolution on Cetaceans and Ecosystem Services


Resolution on Minamata Convention

  • IWC/66/14 Draft Resolution on Minamata Convention Submitted by Uruguay, Brasil and Colombia
  • Result Passed 38 votes for, 23 against, no abstentions and Three countries chose not to  participate


Resolution on Enhancing Effectiveness of IWC

Resolution on Creation of a Fund to Strengthen the Capacity of Governments of Limited means to Participate in the Work of the IWC


Resolution on Food Security

  • IWC/66/12 Draft Resolution on Food Security Submitted by Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Republic of Guinea
  • Result: Withdrawn [with much grumbling from Antigua and Barbuda]
You can also see how your country voted at IWC 2014 - some of you may be surprised to find that your country has been voting for whaling for quite some time.