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Rob Lott

Policy Manager

Certain policy programmes are delegated to the Policy Manager, who is then responsible for the day to day running of these programmes, managing planning and budgets, supporting other staff, volunteers and consultants working on the programmes and related public outreach.

My name is Rob Lott and I'm a marine mammal scientist working with Whale and Dolphin Conservation in the UK. I feel incredibly privileged and fortunate to work for an organisation that campaigns tirelessly for the conservation and welfare of whales, dolphins and porpoises across the world. Working for WDC also gives me the opportunity to travel widely and see these conservation measures in action. Before my work with WDC I undertook a Masters degree in Marine Mammal Science. My thesis was based on the population dynamics of the resident bottlenose dolphin pod in Cardigan Bay in Wales. I have been fortunate enough to watch and photograph wildlife all over the world including Alaska, Antarctica, Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway and the Bay of Biscay. In 2006, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro on a charity trek to raise money for an African medical foundation. But it is the ocean that draws me back and the whales and dolphins that call it home. My favourite places on the planet are Northern Vancouver Island, Svalbard and South Georgia. 

I am passionate about orcas and have written about these incredible creatures in several international newspaper and magazine articles.

My current responsibilities with WDC include the anti-captivity campaign and the UK science programme.