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Extinction emergency – we need action right now to save New Zealand dolphins

How many New Zealand dolphins should there be and how high should we be setting our conservation goals?

Māui and Hector’s dolphins (collectively known as New Zealand dolphins) are hurtling towards extinction because fishing nets are killing them at an unsustainable rate. WDC is campaigning to save them and I’ve been wondering – if we are successful, how many dolphins should there be? How high should we be setting our sights for their recovery?…

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Philip Hoare reflects on New Zealand dolphins

Acclaimed writer, broadcaster and WDC ambassador, Philip Hoare has recently returned from a trip to New Zealand where he was fortunate enough to come across both sperm whales and endangered Hector’s dolphins. Collectively known as New Zealand dolphins, Hector’s and Māui dolphins are dying in fishing nets at a catastrophic rate. Unless we take action,…

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Mining exploration permit granted inside Māui dolphin sanctuary

A permit has been granted for mining exploration inside the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary, an area established to protect the critically endangered Māui dolphins. There are fewer than 60 Māui dolphins left and we must do everything we can to protect them. Please sign our petition now. WDC Australasia’s Mike Bossley said, ‘at this stage…

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Investigation into New Zealand dolphin deaths

An investigation has been launched after two endangered New Zealand dolphins (also known as Hector’s dolphins) were found in different locations on the country’s South Island. Under New Zealand law, anyone who injures or kills a marine mammal must report the incident to the authorities. Failure to do so can result in large fines. The investigation…

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New Zealanders Want to Pay More Tax

A report published this week shows a large majority of New Zealanders are prepared to pay a ‘Dolphin Tax’ to stop New Zealand dolphins dying in fishing nets. The report was commissioned by Whale and Dolphin Conservation. It was presented in summary form to the Biennial meeting of the Marine Mammal Society which was held…

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