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Children's products from the shop
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Shop online to support whales and dolphins

WDC's shop offers a wide range of fantastic products.

We believe in sourcing eco-friendly, fair trade products and good quality gifts.

Our gift range is extensive, from cuddly dolphins to stylish practical clothing made from recycled materials and hand crafted gifts made by small groups of artisans from around the world. Wherever possible we reuse clean packaging and our bubble wrap is bio-degradable. Our dedicated team takes pride in providing excellent customer service and you can trust us to look after your order from start to finish, meaning you can shop with us with confidence.

Clothing • Books • Stationary • Gifts • Toys • Jewellery• Bath and Body• Fairtrade• Crafts• Accessories 


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 Unique and useful gifts and goods for all ages, tastes and bank balances.

Individuals and businesses here donate a % or fixed sum per item to WDC.


Lifestyle Giving

At WDC, we call this Sofa Support!  From the comfort of your own home, and at no cost to you, these providers of goods and services donate to WDC every time you switch, shop or search - just relax and click.