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Toxic tides, troubled whales: the toll of chemical pollution

In last week’s blog, we examined the challenges whales and dolphins face as they travel the ocean, shedding light on the human-made hurdles they navigate. However, amongst these visible obstacles, there’s a hidden danger – chemical pollution. Illusion of dilution You’d think that the sheer size and vastness of the ocean would dilute any chemical…

22nd August 2023

Breaking barriers for whales and dolphins at the Convention of Migratory Species

Many species of whales, dolphins and porpoises undertake long journeys, encountering human-made obstacles along the way. Danger lurks in various forms from fishing nets to harpoons, underwater noise to chemical and plastic pollution. I’ve just returned from a gathering of global scientists trying to find ways to allow them to travel freely. Species without borders A…

Group of orcas at surface


17th August 2023

Scientific Committee gives first ever official species extinction warning

Photo: Thomas Jefferson We have welcomed the urgent call by experts to protect the vaquita porpoise following the first ever official warning of the imminent extinction of a species by the Scientific Committee of the International Whaling Commission (IWC)  – the global body that regulates whale hunting, and conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises. Its…

Vaquita. Photo Thomas Jefferson

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8th August 2023

WDC in Japan – Part 1: Finding allies in Tokyo

At the end of May, I embarked on an incredible journey to Japan on behalf of Whale and Dolphin Conservation. My mission was clear: Find allies and get an up-to-date impression of Japanese whaling and the dolphin hunt in Taiji. Over the coming weeks, I’ll share with you how I got on. My first stop…


Brutal hunt leaves cruise line passengers distressed

Cruise ship docked in blood filled waters (Credit: Jackson McMuldren/CPWF) A cruise line company has issued an apology to passengers onboard one of it’s vessels after a brutal pilot whale hunt took place whilst the ship moored in the Faroe Islands. Those aboard the ship, Ambition, were left distressed as blooded filled the waters around…


12th July 2023

The state of river dolphin conservation

At Whale and Dolphin Conservation, we partner with conservationists and communities fighting to save river dolphins in their home countries. One of these collaborations is with WWF, with whom we’re working with to save river dolphin species and populations around the world. With all species either critically endangered or endangered, and the baiji (or Yangtze…

Amazon river dolphins leaping

4th July 2023

We’re funding crucial research on whale poo to combat the climate crisis

The ocean is one of the lungs of our planet, and whales help it to breathe. We already know that whale poo plays a vital role by fertilising microscopic plants called phytoplankton, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation are helping to fund a study that will help show just how important this process is. In this…

Researchers in Southeast Alaska studying whale poo

27th June 2023

Common dolphin

See all species Previously considered as one species, in 1994 the common dolphin was separated into short and long-beak varieties. However, advances in science suggest the initial classification was correct and the common dolphin is in fact one species (with four sub-species), which shows considerable variation through its large range. Other names: Criss-cross dolphin; White-bellied…

Common dolphin

20th June 2023

Success! Fin whaling in Iceland is suspended after officials say hunts are unlawful

Icelandic Fisheries Minister, Svandís Svavarsdóttir has called off this season’s fin whale hunt!  The Icelandic government has suspended all fin whaling, with immediate effect, until at least the end of August, on the grounds that it breaks Iceland’s own animal welfare laws. On top of this, no new licences have been issued for 2024 onwards.…


The unicorns of the sea must be protected – CITES

The narwhal, is under threat. Often referred to as the unicorns of the sea, narwhals, are hunted for their meat, blubber and ivory tusks which are sold around the world. Populations are declining and they risk extinction in Greenland. To ensure their future, WDC is attending a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in…

Narwhal surfacing

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