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Amazing Film Of Whales And Dolphins At Play

We all know that dolphins are playful creatures, but it's not often that we see them...

Possels Briefwettbewerb: Antworten Auf Eure Fragen!

Hallo ich bin’s Possel. Ja genau, der Postbote, der eure Briefe an Happys Baby überbracht...

Neue Serie: Die Arktis!

Puh, diese Kälte! Aber wusstest du, dass es Regionen auf der Erde gibt, wo es...

Almuerzos Amigables Con Las Ballenas: Bueno Para Niños, Fantástico Para Las Ballenas

¿En tu escuela sirven almuerzos “amigables con las ballenas”*? (*en referencia específicamente al pescado que...
Whales and Dolphins book

Orca rights: stuff and nonsense?

In the post festive haze, as we wade through the sea of discarded Christmas presents,...

Iceland – are they having a rethink on whaling?

According to the latest news out of Iceland, there is a potential for the government...

Going For Gold Next Time Kesslet?

Hi Everyone, Yesterday I had Kesslet and Charlie visiting Kessock in very silvery light, and...

Working to Save Dolphins in Despair

A female and her calf being carried back to sea on the Cape photo: Reuters...

Humpback Whales Spotted Off The Aberdeenshire Coast

Up to three humpback whales have been spotted off the coastline around Forvie (just north...

Wenn Wale Sich Verirren

Ich finde es immer wieder spannend, wie toll Wale und Delfine sich unterwasser zurechtfinden! Ganz...

Waiting For Some Action…

Hi Everyone, I'm in a state of limbo at the moment where not much seems...

Pilot Whale Rescue Continues In New Zealand

Reports from New Zealand state that around 34 pilot whales have died around the South...

Every whale and dolphin - safe & free

There are 4 vital ways that we are fighting for the survival of whales and dolphins.

Together we can:

Corky, an orca (killer whale) in captivity at SeaWorld

End captivity

Whales and dolphins have a right to live free and healthy lives. These highly intelligent individuals should not suffer for human entertainment.

Japanese whaler with harpoon hunting minke whales

Stop whaling

Commercial whaling is illegal. And yet, every year, Japan, Norway and Iceland kill around 1,500 whales.

Humpback whale in Antarctica

Create healthy seas

Commercial fishing, oil and gas drilling, and shipping are threatening the lives of whales and dolphins.

Common dolphin trapped in net

Prevent deaths in nets

Hundreds of thousands of whales and dolphins are accidentally caught and killed in fishing gear every year.