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Charity Partnerships

Why work with WDC?

Through a partnership with WDC, you can add new dimensions to your brand image, become recognised for your CSR work and engage and motivate your staff members with a range of events and opportunities to work together for a great cause.

Most importantly, you can create a real change across our world’s oceans, through our many areas of work.

Whether you want to help us stop whaling, end the cruelty of keeping whales and dolphins in captivity for human ‘entertainment’, or stop them being killed by plastic pollution and entanglement in fishing gear, get in touch with WDC to see how we can work together to create a rewarding, mutually beneficial partnership.

How you can support us

Humpback whale spyhop


Speak to us about a bespoke collaboration between your company and WDC. We've worked with the gaming industry, clothing companies, travel agencies and many more.


Charity of the year

Help protect whales and dolphins by selecting WDC as your charity of the year and we'll work with you on exciting fundraising projects that fit with your brand.


Adopt with us!

Take out a corporate adoption, and enable your company to give back to the environment by supporting a group of humpback whales, orcas or dolphins.

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Workplace fundraising

Trek Mount Kilimanjaro, run a marathon, run an office fundraising event or just put on a bake sale - get involved in supporting WDC with your colleagues!

Bottlenose dolphins in the Moray Firth

Affiliates and Artisan Partners

Are you a small business that wants to give back through your product sales, or would you like to work with WDC as an affiliate?

Success Stories

Check these out!

¿Quién Dijo Que Ballenas Y Delfines No Pueden “jugar” Juntos?

By Danny Groves | 19th January 2012

Queremos compartir contigo estas maravillosas imágenes que nos demuestran una vez más, lo maravillosas y complejas criaturas que son los cetáceos y cuánto nos falta aprender todavía sobre ellos.En aguas de Hawaii, científicos han observado una interacción inusual o por lo menos nunca  descripta entre Delfines nariz de botella y Ballenas jorobadas.  En dos ocasiones,…

Janis Ist Ein Delfinfreund …

By Danny Groves | 18th January 2012

“Delfine haben es mir angetan!” “Ich bin Tierfreund und -schützer. Besonders haben es mir nun mal Delfine angetan, … warum? Das siehst Du in meinem kurzen Videoclip, den mein Papa mit mir produziert hat. Viel Spaß! Vielleicht sehen wir uns ja bald bei WDCS!” (Janis Schmitt, Hannover) <br/>Willst auch du Delfinen helfen oder Pate werden?…

Cardigan Bay Dolphins Discovered In Manx Waters

By Danny Groves | 18th January 2012

Bottlenose dolphins swimming in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, have been recognised as the same dolphins also seen in Cardigan Bay in Wales. Eleanor Stone, Marine Officer with the Manx Wildlife Trust posted dolphin photos on the Trust’s Facebook page where Cardigan Bay’s science officer, Sarah Perry recognised one of them. Since then, another two…

Amazing Pictures Of Whale Lifting Dolphin Out Of The Water

By Danny Groves | 17th January 2012

Take a look here at pictures of a bottlenose dolphin seen to be repeatedly lifted out of the water by a humpback whale around the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. This appears to be co-ordinated behaviour, possibly even play between the two species

US speed restrictions reduce risk of death to endangered whales

By Chris Butler-Stroud | 16th January 2012

NOAA reports that three large commercial vessels who were assessed civil penalties this fall for violating seasonal speed limits designed to protect North Atlantic Righ Whales (one of the most endangered whale species in the world) have paid their penalties in full. Cases against six other vessels for the same offense are still open. The…

Humpback Whale's change their Song in Response to an Noise Source 200 km Away

By Chris Butler-Stroud | 16th January 2012

PLoSOne reports that Sounds made by technology used to monitor fish stocks may affect how baleen whales communicate, even at great distances. Marine biologists working in US waters noticed that humpback whales sang less during the fall/autumn of 2006, when a low frequency signal showed up in their recordings. They eventually traced the signal to…

Play Whale Trail To Save The Whale!

By Danny Groves | 16th January 2012

It’s addictive and its fun. What more could you want from a game that involves whales and flying! Can you control Willow the whale as she whizzes through a beautiful rainbow to escape the evil Baron von Barry and the menacing black clouds? Whale Trail is designed for both iPads and iPhones and its creators,…

Japan Times Speaks Out Against Whaling

By Danny Groves | 15th January 2012

The Japan Times today has questioned the continued practice of whaling. Looking back over the last few years of whaling the Times discusses the fact that ” last year, Japan only caught about 18 percent of its self-imposed quota of some 1,000 whales in the Antarctic Ocean. The traditional custom of eating whale meat has…

Happy New Year Kesslet !

By ruthsmyth | 14th January 2012

Hi Everyone, It was a bitterly cold but a lovely and sunny morning standing watching Kesslet & Charlie as they surfaced to breathe in the Kessock Channel. The air was so still and the dolphins “blow” showed up so well that it was quite easy to see where they were and keep track of them…

Proposal For Quotas To Save Whales Rejected By WDCS

By Danny Groves | 12th January 2012

WDCS has questioned suggestions by US researchers writing in the journal, Nature that the introduction of tradable quotas for catching whales could reduce the number of whales killed each year. In the article, the academics argue that a market of whale quotas that could be bought and sold would allow environmental groups to effectively buy…

Our Partners

Our partners support our vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. A huge thank you to all of you.








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