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In the Heart of the Sea - the truth about sperm whales

How much truth is there in the new blockbuster Hollywood movie, In the Heart of the Sea?
Sperm whale

The film tracks the fortunes of the crew from an American whaling ship that is sunk by a sperm whale supposedly seeking ‘revenge’.

Sperm whales are huge, amazing, and majestic creatures, but do any whales ever seek revenge, or is this a figment of our own imagination?

Sadly, for the film makers that is, there is no evidence of whales ever attacking humans in the wild. But humans have certainly killed a lot of whales!

Sperm whale facts infographic

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Man’s attack on sperm whales

Sperm whales were hunted commercially throughout the worlds’ oceans until the 1986 international ban. Populations are still recovering [NH3] and the species is listed as ‘vulnerable’ (IUCN 2008).

WDC has worked tirelessly and successfully over decades to keep the whaling ban in place, but it is under threat. We now find ourselves facing the biggest challenge for whales in 30 years. We need to protect this vulnerable species.

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Sperm Whale super pod
Sperm Whale super pod