A30s 1 - Jared Towers
A30s 1 - Jared Towers

Thank you for helping us protect endangered orcas!

This petition is now closed. A massive thank you to the 105,000 people who signed.

The Southern Resident orca community is one of the most endangered whale populations in the world, and more protection is urgently needed to save them from extinction.  US authorities need to act now or they could be gone forever. 

Orca Rhapsody, J32, breaching

(Image courtesy of James Mead Maya / Maya's Westside Charters)

This population was devastated when an estimated 47 orcas were captured by the aquarium industry in the 1960s and 70s. The Southern Residents were declared ‘endangered’ in 2005 and 2,560 square miles of ocean was given federal protection. This meant the orcas should be safe from newer dangers like naval activities, prey depletion, increasing boat noise, and coastal development.

Sadly, in spite of a decade of protection, the population has still not recovered.

In 2015, the US National Marine Fisheries Service highlighted this group as one of the eight most endangered marine populations in the country. They even acknowledged the need to protect their homes and feeding grounds in the coastal areas of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. But they still haven’t done it - they say the protection will have to wait until 2018 or beyond!

These orcas cannot afford to wait that long.  We owe them protection after the horrors that humans have subjected them to.

There is more than enough evidence to act.  More than 105,000 people call on the US National Marine Fisheries Service to end its delays and increase protection for the orcas NOW – before it’s too late.