New Zealand dolphins
New Zealand dolphins

Sign the petition - Save New Zealand dolphins from extinction

New Zealand dolphins will soon be extinct if we don’t act fast. You might be their last hope.

These dolphins are in serious trouble. Fishing nets kill 110 to 150 of them every year. Maybe even more. This death-rate is enough to wipe them out forever.

Sign our petition now - you can help save them.

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There are only 60 dolphins left in the group who live around the North Island, and the South Island population is down to just 20% of its former size.

If we stop the use of destructive nets in the dolphins’ home we can save them. It’s that simple.

In 2017, the New Zealand government made an election promise to ensure only dolphin-safe fishing methods are used in the dolphins’ home.

Insist they keep that promise - sign the petition now.

As a first step, we need them to ban the killer nets from the Cook Strait and Taranaki Bight – the area between the North and South Islands and vital habitat for New Zealand dolphins, and also in the area in the North where the critically endangered Māui dolphins live.

Not only are dolphins dying at a rate that will see them extinct if the New Zealand government doesn’t take urgent action, but each individual dolphin who gets tangled in a net, suffers enormously – suffocating in a net is a horrific way to die.

Please sign our petition and urge Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, to keep her promise. It’s not too late to save New Zealand dolphins, but we need action now.

Area that needs protection first
Area that needs protection first

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Save New Zealand dolphins from extinction

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