If It Feels Good....Jump !

Hi Everyone,

The weather has not been very good for seeing dolphins recently but last week I managed to catch sight of Rainbow and her group. Rainbows big son, Prism, is getting to be a right show-off, taking every opportunity to breach out of the water and showing everyone how big and handsome he is.

The Girls Are Back In Town....

Hi Everyone,

A nice load of dolphins arrived at Chanonry Point today, they didn't stay to hunt very long but we had, amongst the 30 - ish that I counted - Sundance, Nevis then Rainbow and Moonlight who were back together again - I haven't spotted them side by side for ages. Being great pals, they no doubt had a lot of gossip to catch up on!

A Boys Best Friend Is His Mum.....

Hi Everyone,

Raindrop had me really worried late yesterday afternoon. Rainbow arrived at the turn of the tide as usual, but no sign of Raindrop. 5 minutes went by....10 minutes went by... still no sign of him. By this time I had imagined that he had got into trouble somewhere or had become separated and was lost, or worse!

Can't Stop, I've a Trout to Catch.....

Some good hunting action today down at Chanonry Point, Nevis, Rainbow and a very brief visit from Sundance (again) but this shot is of Moonlight who appeared with a group of Mums and tiny babies and was rocketing around after fish.

Come Fly With Me.....

Sundance gave a very close to the beach "flying visit" the other day, he only stopped for 5 minutes before rocketing off towards North Kessock, where he had just come from. He looked a bit harassed, as though he had forgotten something - any suggestions as to what he could have forgotten?

Psst! Can I tell you a secret.....

The light for taking photographs has been a bit strange recently, making everything look almost black & white. Here is Raindrop seemingly whispering something to one of his Aunties. I wonder what he is saying? Let's have a few suggestions from some of you adopters out there!

Having A Mad 5 Minutes....

Hi Everyone,

Sundance was getting totally the wrong way up very early this morning, 45+ dolphins around Chanonry Point in the early tide - amazing - I have not seen so many dolphins in the area for years!

Fun in the sun......

Hi Everyone,

Lots of calf socialising going on at Chanonry Point today, these two young dolphins are Raindrop and 440's calf that doesn't have a name yet.


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