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The dolphin and porpoise casualties of the war in Ukraine

To save whales, dolphins and the world, we need a global treaty on plastic pollution

Millions of tonnes of plastic enter the environment every year impacting ecosystems and species. Plastic has been found in the air, rain, our bodies and our food chain. Emissions of plastic waste into our rivers and ocean are projected to nearly triple by 2040. That won’t just mean more beached whales with stomachs full of plastic; the human costs will…

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Plastic Free July – choose to refuse

Plastic pollution on beach

Plastic is everywhere. When I look around me, I see a gazillion things made of plastic: my computer, my watch, pens, lights, clothes … the list seems never-ending. Plastic is an incredibly useful and versatile material, however, I have a problem with things being made of plastic when they are intended to be used just…

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Catching up with old friends of the Port River dolphins

  I recently caught up with an old friend of mine, Melody Horrill. Many South Australians may remember her as a science and environment journalist and TV weather presenter. What some folks may not know is that many years ago she played a crucial part in my research and the wellbeing of the Port River…

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Growing up with the amazing Adelaide Port River dolphins

A group of bottlenose dolphins lives in the Port River in the city of Adelaide. Adelaide is also home to marine biologist Dr Mike Bossley who set up a project 32 years ago to study and protect these unique dolphins and WDC has supported Mike’s work for much of this time. He has some very…

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Joy and sadness watching Hector’s dolphins in their wild place

Dr Nicolette Scourse is an academic, educator, author and illustrator with a passion for whales, dolphins and the ocean. In her guest blog she remembers a magical time spent in the company of endangered Hector’s dolphins in New Zealand. She takes us on an evocative journey into their wild home and wonders about their future.…

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