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Become a Whale Guardian

Do you want to be a Whale Guardian? Whale and Dolphin Conservation has partnered with our friends at ITZA to create Whale Guardians, a new digital learning experience about whales, empowering children and young people around to world to protect them.  Whale Guardians is a whistlestop tour of all things whale - diversity, behaviour, history, threats, and how we can help them.

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About the course

They can be thirty times heavier than an African elephant (up to 200 tonnes), they use a huge range of complex sounds to communicate, and you can find them everywhere from the equator to the polar ice caps. Is it any wonder we think whales are totally amazing?

But they're under threat - from us and our pollution, climate change and whaling. Luckily though, there's plenty we can do about it.

Led by marine biologist Laura Wells, on this course you're guaranteed to find out something new about whales - and what we can do to protect them.

Welcome to the wonderful world of whales!

Sperm whales

What you'll learn

This is essentially a whistlestop tour of all things whale - diversity, behaviour, history and threats - but more importantly what you can do to protect them. 

Watched all the videos and still want more? No problem.

Just check out the tabs underneath each video - they come with activities that will teach you about whales' food chain and ecosystem as well as the significant effect human activity has on their world.

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How to take part

To become a Whale Guardian, take a deep breath, dive in, and enjoy this digital course for free.  Simply register on to start the course and complete the four sections to earn your Whale Guardian credential and the chance to win some amazing prizes.

1. The wonder of whales

2. What makes whales special?

3. The story of humans and whales

4. Whales today