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RIP: The tragic loss of a newborn endangered North Atlantic right whale

In Loving Memory – Spinnaker

  R.I.P. Spinnaker, 2004 – 2015 Born in the warm waters of the West Indies during the winter of 2004, Spinnaker spent her first year of life by her mother’s side.  Having survived the 1500 mile swim to her summer home in the Gulf of Maine, Spinnaker quickly learned how and where to find food…

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Size does matter for entangled whales but study finds that bigger is not necessarily stronger

Entanglements in fishing gear may be one of the single largest threats faced by whales and dolphins globally.  Referred to as “bycatch” because these interactions are incidental, not intentional, these interactions number in the hundreds of thousands each year. While some whales and dolphins escape with only scars as evidence, including all nine of WDC’s…

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Are humpback whales still endangered?

Saturday, April 18th was the perfect weather day to venture out to see some of the Gulf of Maine’s most majestic seasonal residents. Recently back from the warm, tropical waters of the West Indies and Caribbean, these humpback whales are part of our Whale Adoption Project family.  We look forward to greeting them each spring…

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Longest migration – gray or humpback whales?

The news has embraced gray whales as the new winner for the longest mammal migration title, a superlative long thought to belong humpback whales. However, does the recently-released research really give the edge to gray whales?   In the case of the gray whale, tagging data provided the distance calculation, however, migration distances are typically…

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Ocean Planning or Pandering- Obama Administration OK’s seismic testing along US east coast

Friday’s announcement that the Obama Administration will allow seismic testing for oil exploration along the East coast of the US is just the latest in a series of “ocean pandering” disguised as planning.  Just last month, the Obama administration hosted “Our Ocean”, an international conference said to focus on tackling issues of overfishing, marine pollution, and…

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You are Whale-Come for this "Pootiful" Day!

Saving whales may save us all You are Whale-Come for this Poo-tiful Day! See what I did there? I was able to craft an appreciation for whales and their feces in what some would say was an incredibly clever and punny (there, I did it again) title.  Perhaps the “some” would only be me, but you…

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