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UN adopts High Seas Treaty to protect the ocean

UN adopts High Seas Treaty to protect the ocean

Gray whale

At the UN ‘High Seas Treaty’ negotiations in New York, a historic vote for the protection of the ocean took place at the weekend. After two weeks of intensive talks, the UN member states have agreed on the final text of a High Seas Treaty. Most of the world’s oceans are international waters. These so-called…

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Orca Nakai dies at SeaWorld San Diego

Tilikum, the father of Nakai. © Paul Wigmore

SeaWorld San Diego has announced the death of the orca Nakai. The 20-year-old male orca was born at the facility in 2001. According to the facility, Nakai died on August 4 of an infection, after “aggressive therapeutic and diagnostic efforts were unsuccessful.” Nakai was the first orca to be born as a result of artificial…

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Fin whales return to old feeding grounds in Southern Ocean

Fin whale

An exciting discovery by researchers in the waters around Antarctica suggest that fin whales are starting to return to their former feeding grounds. During the first part of the 20th century, commercial whaling decimated whale numbers in the region as whalers reduced populations to a fraction of their original figure. By the time it become…

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Humpback whale rescued from shark net in Australia

Humpback whale underwater

A humpback whale and her calf have managed to escape after becoming entangled in a shark net off the coast of Queensland.. Humpback whales spend the austral summer in Antarctica before migrating north during the winter months to breed and give birth in warmer waters. Their migration route takes them along the east or west…

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River dolphins observed playing with anaconda

Amazon River dolphin (Boto)

Researchers in Bolivia recorded an unusual interaction between local rivers dolphins and an anaconda snake last year in the Tijamuchi river. The two species would not normally interact but on this occasion a group of dolphins, some of which appeared to be juveniles, were seen carrying the snake through the water. At times the dolphins…

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Dolphin pens identified at Russian naval base

Common bottlenose dolphin

Analysis of satellite imagery suggests that Russia may be using military dolphins at its naval base at Sevastopol in the Black Sea. Sea pens used to hold the dolphins have been identified near the entrance to the harbour. Tasks carried out by the dolphins may include searching for objects and patrolling local waters. The US…

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New fossil gives insight into feeding habits of ancient orcas

Orcas in far east Russia.

New research by scientists suggests that orcas and false killer whales only evolved to feed on marine mammals within the last one million years. The two species are the only members of the 90 or so species of cetacean (whales, dolphins and porpoises) that are known to do this. Recent analysis of a 1.4 million…

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Another beluga whale dies at Mystic Aquarium

Beluga whale

Just six months after the loss of a whale called Havok, another beluga has died at the Mystic Aquarium in the US. Both belugas had been transported to the US from Marineland in Ontario, Canada in May 2021, along with three other individuals. The facility reported on its Facebook page that the female beluga, who…

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