Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins
Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins

Adopt a Port River dolphin

The dolphins of the Port River in Adelaide are the first known permanent resident population in a metropolitan area.

Dr. Mike Bossley has been studying these amazing dolphins for over 25 years. During that time his research has revealed that about thirty dolphins spend most of their time in the Port River estuary.

Several of the dolphins have become well-known, both locally and internationally, such as "Billie" who apparently learned how to "tail walk" by observing fellow dolphins who had been trained in captivity.

The area where the dolphins live has been declared a sanctuary but living so close to a city means there are numerous potential threats to the dolphins and their habitat, such as fishing, shipping and industrial activity.

By adopting a dolphin you will be helping to support Mike's vital research work and continued efforts to provide a safe future for these special dolphins.

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