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Gray whale

UN adopts High Seas Treaty to protect the ocean

At the UN 'High Seas Treaty' negotiations in New York, a historic vote for the...

Hopes raised for whale and dolphin protection after last minute landmark nature agreement

WDC's Ed Goodall (far right) at COP15 with Thérèse Coffey (centre) UK Secretary of State...

WDC orca champion picks up award

Beatrice Whishart MSP picks up her Nature Champion award The Scottish Environment LINK, an organisation...

Large number of dolphins moved to Abu Dhabi marine park

Up to 24 captive bottlenose dolphins have reportedly been sent to a new SeaWorld theme...

Russian citizens call for action to prevent another whale jail

Orcas are crammed together in sickening conditions

Reports from inside Russia have revealed more than 100,000 petition signers have raised their objections to captivity and have asked the Russian government to end captures of orcas, beluga whales and dolphins in Russian waters for sale to captive facilities.

The national petition-signing campaign involved grassroots protest organisations, many scientists, and celebrities within the country.

The number of signatures gathered on a government website means that the Russian authorities are required to take action and potentially create new laws.

The petition calls for the removal of wording in current in Russian law that allows captures of live cetaceans for the purposes of ‘science’ or ‘education.’  Their current inclusion helped fuel the creation of the now notorious Russian ‘Whale Jail’, which involved the confinement of 97 wild caught beluga whales and 11 orcas in tiny sea pens awaiting shipment to aquariums in China. 

Following worldwide public criticism and pressure from groups including WDC, Russian President, Vladimir Putin intervened and plans were made to return all the surviving whales to the sea.

Russia is the only country that allows captures of orcas and beluga whales for captivity.

WDC is working to establish a sanctuary for beluga whales held in captivity – read more.



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Gray whale

UN adopts High Seas Treaty to protect the ocean

At the UN 'High Seas Treaty' negotiations in New York, a historic vote for the protection of the ocean took place at the weekend. After...
Fishers' involvement is crucial. Image: WDC/JTF

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