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The 2014 IWC Meeting

WDC's team have been fighting to protect whales at the IWC meeting in Slovenia
The signing of the 1946 International Convention on the Regulation of Whaling

Pro-Whalers and the Conservation Countries are once again meeting to debate the future of whaling

The International Whaling Commission now meets every two years to consider issues relating to whale conservation and whaling.

In 2014 the Commission met in Slovenia and after several years of consensus discussions, we are once more expecting to see some significant debate over the future of whaling policy.


You can see how the the meeting unfolded as the WDC team reported direct from the meeting

This year's meeting was expected to be dominated by discussions on,


Japan is pushing back against its loss at the ICJ and is going on the offensive to get IWC approval for it to resume commercial whaling

Humpback whale
Humpbacks are in the firing line again

In contravention of the ICJ, Denmark and Japan seem committed to creating a new classification of whaling, lying somewhere between ASW and commercial whaling, but maybe closer to commercial than ASW

There were a number of significant decisions to be taken with respect to a series of proposed Resolutions and Schedule Amendments

Japan claims that its whaling is no different to that of Greenland's ASW

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