SeaWorld phases out orcas....?

Unfortunately, only in its logo not from its tanks.

In March 1998, SeaWorld launched a new corporate image for the new millennium, two dorsal fin shapes, looking more like two waves. What is extremely interesting is that the previously central SeaWorld logo image, of killer whales and dolphins, has been dropped.

Hope at last for right whale on a collision course with extinction

The northern right whale, Eubalaena glacialis, is the rarest whale in the world, with just 300 whales remaining on the western side of North America, and just a handful in the Northeast Atlantic and North Pacific. The species has been severely depleted in the past by commercial whaling and, because of their low reproductive rate, are struggling to survive or recover. Right whales frequent coastal waters and this places them at high risk of threats posed by human interactions. It is also notoriously docile and a slow swimmer.

Whalers try to challenge competency of IWC

On the 30th April 1998, the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission (NAMMCO), issued a press release entitled, 'International Observation of Whaling and Sealing'.

WDCS Letter to 'Nature'

The following letter appeared in the April edition of the science magazine 'Nature'.

Whither Whaling

Mark Simmonds and Christopher Stroud
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Alexander House, James St. West, Bath BA1 2BT

Makah plan first hunt

WDCS has received reports that the Makah tribe of Washington State, USA have made plans to initiate a hunt beginning in October of 1998.


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