US asked to press China on Driftnets

In the USA, Alaska's Governor, Mr. Tony Knowles, has asked President Clinton to talk to officials in Beijing about driftnet violations when he travels to China next week.

Mr Knowles cited recent incidents involving Chinese fishing vessels which were intercepted in international waters in the North Pacific using driftnets several miles long. The vessels were believed to be targeting salmon.

Denmark gives whaling competency to Faroe Islands

Recent negotiations between the Danish Government and the Faroese Home Rule Government appear to have resulted in Denmark giving full competency to all fisheries issues to the Faroese authorities themselves. This means that the Faroese are not automatically bound by any decision of the Danish Government in relation to fisheries. The Faroese are believed to consider that this control extends to their whaling activity.

Japanese Whaling fleet returns to port

A Japanese whaling factory ship returned to Japan (Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture) today, carrying about 300 tons of whale products from 100 North Pacific minke whales. Although supposedly hunted for 'scientific' purposes, these whale products are planned to be distributed in December through the Japanese commercial market.

Suisan Keizai reported (today) that the "research" had been concentrated in the region of the North Pacific between 145 - 155 degrees East.

Suspected Illegal driftnetters caught by US Coastguard

Two Chinese fishing vessels suspected of illegal driftnet fishing in the North Pacific this week were escorted to Shanghai by the Honolulu-based US Coast Guard cutter 'Jarvis'.

The boats, the Tai Sheng and the Shan Yu 16, will be turned over to Chinese officials in Shanghai for further investigation, after they were spotted near the Aleutian Islands, using what appeared to be driftnets. As the vessels fled, crew members cut free and threw the nets overboard.

WDCS welcomes Greenpeace report on Whaling

The following is taken from 'Report on the World's Oceans' (May 1998) Greenpeace Research Laboratories Report, UK. ISBN 90-733-61-45-1. (Reproduced by permission)

Whales and Whaling

WDCS 1998 IWC Report

To view our full report on the 1998 IWC meeting in Oman please download the attached file (either ascii or word 6 format).

Maltese Press question validity of Captive Dolphins

Monday 18th May, The Malta Independent. Front page.

Dolphinarium lambasted in report

An international report just out has slammed the commercial use of Black Sea dolphins including those performing in Malta. While calling for an immediate halt to trade for captive display or breeding, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) has also urged tourists to boycott dolphinariums and theme parks housing such dolphins.

Free Willy" Keiko News"

It appears that the Icelandic Government has reached a formal agreement with the Free Willy Keiko Foundation (FWKF) to allow Keiko back to his native waters, where he will initially be kept in a sea-pen.

Once the construction of the sea-pen is complete, it will be transported to Iceland in the next two months. It will be firmly anchored into place and the FWKF anticipates that Keiko could be transported to Iceland towards the end of this year.


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