Whales welcomed back to British waters

Whales welcomed back to British waters By Charles Clover: The Electronic Telegraph - Monday 5 October 1998

THE waters off Britain's north-west coast are "teeming" with whales and dolphins, according to a survey for Greenpeace and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

The five-week study in July and August recorded 11 species: sperm, fin, sei, pilot, killer and minke whales and common, Atlantic white-sided, white-beaked and Risso's dolphins together with the harbour porpoise.

Seismic implicated in scaring fish as well as threatening whales

Norway - October 4, 1998 BOATS SCARE BLUEFIN TUNA

This year's trial fishery for bluefin tuna in the Norwegian EEZ was partly destroyed when seismic vessels scared off the fish.

According to a government observer on board one of the Japanese longliners licenced for the fishery, they had good catch rates for a short period until some seismic vessels engaged by oil companies moved into the area.

Canadian opinion against whaling

From The Province Friday 2 October 1998 OPINION

Listen to the people: No whaling (The Province Michael Smyth)

It's time for Premier Glen Clark to tell his his negotiators that his government will not ratify any treaty that allows whale hunting.

Province readers understandably reacted with anger and outrage this week over the proposed whale hunt by Washington state natives.

Get ready to get even angrier, because B.C. natives are negotiating with your provincial and federal governments to stage a similar slaughter off our own coast.

WDCS joins call for the Atlantic Frontier to be made a World Heritage Site

Today, Monday the 5th of October, Greenpeace and WDCS released the preliminary results of their recent whale survey made in the waters to the north-west of Scotland: The Atlantic Frontier.

These results further illustrate the importance of this area for whales and dolphins. The survey encountered a variety of whale and dolphin species, including fin, sei and sperm whales and large numbers of white-sided dolphins.

Norway - The World's Environmental Villains?

The New Scientists Magazine (3 October 1988 No2154), in an article by Fred Pearce reports that Norwegians, who pride themselves in their green credentials, are the most environmentally destructive people on Earth, says a report published this week by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Geneva.

WDCS Situations Vacant: Campaign Assistant


WDCS requires a flexible, efficient person to provide support for the WDCS Campaigns Department.

Candidate will need previous experience in administration, developing systems, and enthusiasm for environmental issues and a willingness to be involved at all levels.

2 years previous work experience or graduate preferable.

Long hours, hard work, but satisfying experience.

Please send a covering letter and CV to Fran Clarke, Alexander House, James Street West, Bath, BANES, BA1 2BT. UK

The Makah: What you can do to oppose the hunt

What can you do?

Immediately write, if you are a US citizen, to your federal Senators and Representative asking them to take action to stop the Makah gray whale killing. Petitioning Congress is very important. Keep responding to their responses.

WDCS Opinion on the Makah Hunt Part3

Potential Environmental Impacts

San Ignacio lagoon supports sea turtles, dolphins, the endangered pronghorn antelope, mountain lions, coyotes, peregrine falcons, golden eagles, black brant geese, osprey, and blue-wing teals. The small resident human community is sustained by fishing for scallop, clam, lobster and abalone as well as a growing seasonal whale watching industry. It is feared that the proposed development could destroy the fragile lagoon ecoystem and devastate all its dependents. The following threats to whales have been identified.


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