So exactly who in Japan wants whaling?

Many years ago, when I first joined WDCS, I traveled to Japan to meet the proponents of whaling to try and understand what motivated Japanese people to continue this practice. What I found was surprising and rather awkward in some ways.

Getting started

Welcome to what I hope will be a regular column for WDCS staff and colleagues to talk and chat about what's going on at WDCS and in the world of whale and dolphin conservation.

Archives Below From 2007

It is with special thanks that we acknowledge the efforts of Jagan and Sue Malcolm of Greenflash Whale Tours ( for the initiation of this project and the donation of boat time while conducting our 2007 field season.

The Moray Firth Dolphins Need YOUR Help !

Hi Everyone,

Scotland’s dolphins URGENTLY need YOUR help.

Yesterday, the Government announced that exploration for oil and gas is likely to be allowed for the first time in the area of the Moray Firth designated a sanctuary for the dolphins. This poses a huge threat to this vulnerable and isolated group of bottlenose dolphins - including WDCS's adoption dolphins.

Still Waters....

At long last the weather has calmed down and it's now dry and frosty. Being on watch for dolphins can have its ups and downs but to see sunrises like this one near Inverness lifts the spirits after weeks of grey and rain. I spotted Kesslet and her new baby where this photo was taken at North Kessock but elsewhere it has been very quiet with no other dolphins spotted by me.


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