Help stop captive dolphins coming to Kuwait!

Bottlenose dolphin in captivity

As the evidence against the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity continues to convince an increasing number of people around the world not to visit facilities holding them and, in the case of big businesses like Thomas Cook and Virgin Holidays ends their promotion of such places and encourages their support for sanctuaries and responsible whale watching as viable alternatives, there are exceptions to the rule where no-one seems to be listening and new facilities are being proposed and constructed to incarcerate more poor creatures.

One of these is in Kuwait, where the respected Scientific Center is planning to expand its facilities and build a captive dolphin facility.

Kuwait’s only brush with whale and dolphin captivity was in 2001 when a travelling dolphin and beluga show from Russia entered the country, giving circus-styles performances for tourists and locals. We don’t know what happened to the individuals featured in the shows.

Kuwait’s Scientific Center is not a place for captive dolphins. Even if the individuals to be displayed there are not captured from the wild to stock the facility they will come from far away, possibly Russia again, to be held in small pools, contributing nothing to their conservation of their species, performing in uneducational shows and suffering health and welfare problems. They are so many different whale and dolphin species in Kuwaiti waters to see wild.

Please sign the petition to the Kuwaiti Scientific Center asking them not to go ahead with their dolphinarium plans and let’s stop dolphin captivity expanding to yet another corner of the globe.

Many thanks in advance. 


no need to bring these animals into captivity especially to kuwait

Wild animals should be left in their own environment

Facilities are a thing of the the right thing and leave them free

Why can't we let these animals live in their own environments at peace. They do NOT exist for our entertainment. Take the high road.

No to captive dolphins in Kuwait!

There beautiful minds were born free and not for our entertainment!

These beautiful minds were born free and not for our entertainment!


The dolphins must stay in the wild where they belong in, not in the pool or tank !!!
Leave them alone !!

This scientific bullshit research must come to an end when it involves any species except for humans . Not necessary with the knowledge and advances in the world today . Just a money maker for these inhumane people.

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This insanity must stop! Humanity should be caring for the animal kingdom and the planet we each call home. Instead, our species is destroying everything good and pure about life. We'll be the next to go, all because of ignorance and foolish greed.

You have no right to kidnapp dolphins from the ocean you are a country at war how dare you ,how would you like your family kidnapped and imprisoned

Because I do not want animals, dolphis, birds etc. Harmed

Why would a Kuwaiti science R&D need dolphins? Entertainment only? Please NO!

You should be ashamed! These are sentinent beings. NO one has the right to steal them from the ocean!

Please, no dolphin captivity in Kuwait.

Kuwait's Scientific Center is not a place for captive dolphins. They deserve to live in the wild, and can be studied and seen in the wild. There's not a single good argument for keeping them in captivity.

Please keep them free in their natural habitat.
Thank you

Never never never. They do belong in capture.