Whilst the EU sacrifices political capital for Greenlandic whaling, what are Greenland and the Faroese doing?

So the EU Commission is extending itself to support Greenland's demands for overturning the IWC's accepted criteria for aboriginal subsistence whaling (ASW), but what is Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Denmark's two North Atlantic overseas territories doing to help the EU Commission? Well, nothing it would seem.

The Arctic Journal reports that whilst 'foreign policy in the Kingdom of Denmark is pretty simple: Copenhagen is responsible for the foreign affairs of Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.' The Journal goes onto say that 'In reality, the situation is somewhat less clear. Copenhagen clearly handles top-shelf matters, such as foreign affairs and defence. But, both the Faroe Islands and Greenland have ‘representative offices’ – quasi embassies – in a number of key capitals.'

As we see in Denmark's efforts at the IWC. where foreign relations are concerned it is Copnehagen diplomats that run the show but officials in the Greenland capital, Nuuk and the Faroese captital, Tórshavn, are consulted when areas of interest to their countries are affected. 

The Journal notes that 'Typically, the set-up serves all three countries well, but it is not without its problems. Case in point, the International Whaling Commission, which only extends membership to states. Denmark, as an EU member, must support the union’s blanket opposition to whaling, yet on the other hand it must represent two pro-whaling countries.'

Denmark is trying to carve out almost exclusive relations with Beijing but it's Greenland’s natural resources that China’s is really interested in and less so Danish bacon. Maybe this explains why Denmark and the EU is so keen to bend over backwards to support Greenland's ever incraesing demands over its whaling.

Sanctions were recently applied by the European Commission against the Faroe Islands because of its decision to set independent fishing quotas that are far higher than the EU recommendations. Whilst the sanctions were lifted in August, angering Scottish fishermen amongst others, the EU sanctions had left Denmark struggling with Copenhagen having had to close its ports to Faroese vessels.

Further to Russian aledged aggression in Ukraine both the EU and Norway are recipients of Russian embargoes on fish but the Faroese have jumped on the opportuinty of Russian weapons in the Ukraine to sell more fish into the Russian market.

It appears that the Faroese want people to rally to protect their rights to slaughter whales, but it appears they are quite willing to ignore what Russian militia are doing to the rights of the people of Ukraine if it means they can sell more fish.

If I was cynical I might say that the measure of a State on the international stage is its ability to promote its own selfish interests before any others, and by this measure, the Faroese would be top of the pile if judged by this one act.

The Arctic Journal reports that 'After Kai Leo Johannesen, the Faroese premier, visited Moscow to discuss expanding trade relations, Danish lawmakers accused the Faroe Islands of stabbing Europe in the back.'

At a time when Denmark is sending its young Danish pilots and their F16 fighter aircraft to eastern Europe to help 'dampen fires' in Ukraine, the Faroe Islands will be opening an office in Moscow on December 1st to build on the current opportunities.


As Jage (please see below) has raised the argument that the EU sanctions were illegal, I thought I would add a link to an article by Prime Minister Kaj Leo Holm Johannesen arguing the Faroese case in the fishery dispute referenced above.


Not too surprising really. It is very easy for those who can slaughter and show arrogance and disregard in the belief killing Whales,Cetaceans and anything else that might make them money,to join forces with anther arrogant race of people who think they can march into any other Country and bully them into submission.without digressing too much I would like to say. They will reap the rewards of being in bed with Russia and we will have to sit by and wait.It is a sad day for Europe ,the Whales and anything else the Faeroese can catch and sell!

The faroese dont make miney of slaugtering pilot whales

You are in bed with the Americans, who kill and maim innocent civilians in Irak and Afghanistan. And still, I don't see you ceasing doing buisness with them. And not condemn them either. Or maybe being easier to atack a small nation makes you feel better?

What a biased and subjective "article"!

You left out the part where the European Union UNLAWFULLY set sanctions against the Faroes. And the part where the EU by all rights should receive the SMALLEST parts of ALL fishing quotas. Currently EU hogs most of it, even though they have nearly no right to any of it. This is decided by sea territory and the fish stocks in the individual territories (the recent high stocks of mackerel and herring are decimating all the other stocks) and the EU has the smallest sea territory in the north Atlantic. The Faroes have a larger sea territory here than all of EU combined yet the Faroes get the smallest quotas, we decided to not be f***ed over by the EU bully anymore.

Furthermore, We were unlawfully boycotted by the EU. Now Russia is boycotting EU. It's a sweet and justified irony which we intend to take full advantage of. Obviously. It does not mean that we condone what Russia is doing. But 90% of Faroese exports are ocean resources so we don't have much. We need whatever we can get. Should the average Russians starve because of what the Russian elite is doing? And the EU also has no right to take any moral high ground of any kind. The EU is a untouchable organized crime organisation. Luckily they probably won't be around much longer because they're heading straight for the ground.

I had other points, but I forgot what they were, and can't be bothered to read your bullshit again...

Oh... another place that deletes the comments that disprove the fiction you live in...

actually we don't delete comments like this. Just because you disagree with us, does not mean we shall delete what you have to say.

I think Jage is someone who visits the SSCS pages on facebook where they delete everything that they do not like hearing. As a fellow Faroese i think Jage is a bit off in his statements. It is very unfortunate that we made a deal with Russia right now. But this deal is something that the Faroes have wanted for a long time now. Russian ships are in my hometown alone several times a week and have been for as long as i can remember, They fish, buy marine equipment for millions. Those russian sailors that are around here on christmas get gifts as well as all the faroese sailors. So all in all the relationship has been fruitful for both parties.

Kaj Leo is a (offensive word) who should have been booted a long time ago. As important this deal is, he should have waited until after the Ukraine issue was solved. The problem with bad politicians is a global one i´m afraid.